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Leica GMP101 Mini-prisma

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El Leica GMP101 en soporte metálico ofrece una gran precisión de posición y se guarda cómodamente en su bolsa de transporte. El GMP101 tiene una burbuja de nivelación incorporada y se suministra con una punta acoplable (montaje a presión Leica). Con este instrumento se puede medir con una precisión muy alta un punto. El conjunto […]

Auscultación de Estructuras Dañadas – Puente Linton

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Challenge In 2015, Storm Eva – measuring 84mph – hit West Yorkshire. This caused massive power cuts and major flooding in the area. During the aftermath, cracks appeared on the carriageway of the historic Grade II listed Linton Bridge and there was visible damage to the parapets. Bridge deck settlement was also apparent. BMM JV […]

monitorización geotécnica en excavación

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EL RETO La zona del Parque das Naçoes de Lisboa es producto de la transformación de una antigua zona industrial en el nuevo y cosmopolita distrito de negocios, servicios y ocio. EXEO Office Campus, viene a completar la oferta de oficinas. El área en la que se implantarán los edificios está en proceso de excavación, […]

Monitorización Dinámica – Parque Eólico Marítimo, Blyth

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Challenge The Blyth Offshore Demonstrator Project is an ambitious project delivered by EDF Energy Renewables, showcasing groundbreaking and experimental construction techniques. It consists of 5 wind turbines with a combined generation capacity of 41.5MW, enough low carbon energy to power 34,000 homes, whilst cutting annual CO2 emissions by 57,600 tonnes. The turbines make use of […]

Load Monitoring of Struts: RCM

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Challenge June 2018 marked the start of an exciting redevelopment of the prestigious Royal College of Music (RCM) campus, which was first opened in 1882. The large courtyard will be dug out and a new basement and building is planned to go in its place. Due to the total mass of the building and the […]

Monitoring de superestructura Ferroviaria – Norwich

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Challenge Balfour Beatty on behalf of their client, Norfolk County Council, were contracted to construct £147 million, 20km of dual carriageway called the Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NNDR). This route went very close to Norwich International Airport and joined the Fakenham Road/A1067, north west of Norwich. As part of the carriageway construction a large structure […]

Monitorització de via: Igualada

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CLIENT: FGC – FERROCARRILS DE LA GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA / INFRATec   EL REPTE FGC – Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya volia modelar el comportament de via en una zona particular de la línia Llobregat – Anoia Es tracta d’una corba estricta de 105m de radi i 300m de longitud. Interessava conèixer en detall […]

Masonry Bridge Monitoring: Formia Rail Line

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Challenge In order to obtain reliable information about the structural health of important Italian rail infrastructure, ETS srl and Microgeo srl have been using wireless sensors for the monitoring of a multi span Masonry Arch Bridge located on the Roma – Formia railway line. Retrofitting works were designed by ETS’ engineers, who proposed sewing cracks […]

Monitorización de Estructura – Auckland

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Challenge Auckland’s Ferry Terminal is a historic landmark on the waterfront. Over the 100 years since being built, the sea wall supporting the building was gradually eroded by constant sea movement and wash from ferries docking and leaving the port. Divers identified a three metre breach in the wall caused by the erosion and Auckland […]

Reporter 87

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Limitless. Infinite. Unleashed. I’ve used these words and those like them to describe many times before the possibilities of digital realities – the convergence of physical and digital. While these words remain accurate in their descriptions, we are now reaching a point where we’re moving beyond reality. We are at the beginning of an exploration […]